I dislike this type of question…asking about me. I mean, you’re not my doctor. Finding out my background and stuff. Who cares? I don’t even care sometimes. But for the sake of this page…I’ll say one thing about myself…I mean, my name.

Hi, Hello, Kumusta, How’s it, Aloha,
I’m Lovely. No, really, my name is Lovely. Usually, I’d say, “don’t ask me why or how I got that name”. But today, I felt like sharing the full story behind it.
So, one morning, around 7:20am in the Philippines, my mother decided to finally eject me out of her system after carrying me around for nine months. From what I remember, my dad told me I got a big head. So, the doctor had to cut me off my mother’s stomach. A few moments later, there I was, cloth with blood and mucus. I was born.

My mom already had an idea of what she’ll name me. She initially wanted to call me “Donna Belle” after that beauty and the beast girl, which in my opinion, does not suit me at all (go ahead, look at me…right? that name DO NOT look like me. But honestly though, I thought I liked that name, Belle. Sounds like a rich and famous kinda’ gal. Maybe I’d become one if I was named Belle.)
Then my dad thought, “Aww, what a beautiful little girl. We should call her Lovely!” (and of course, they were all spoken in Tagalog). So, there it was. My parents conceived a child whose name is as lovely as the adjective, Lovely.

…oh wait, that’s not all.

The real reason why my dad decided to name me “Lovely” is because of the first syllable: Love. He thought, “one day when she grows up, people will call her Love for short. And even better, when she starts dating, her boyfriend will call her Love. Even after they break-up. The boy will keep calling her Love, ’cause that’s her nick name.” And there it was. My parents conceived a child whose name is as….ahh, what the hell. Yup. My name is Lovely.

How lame, right? Well, at least my name actually had an interesting story behind it. I know that for sure because I grew up asking my mom, “why did you give that name?”. I mean, there are zazillion other names out there–Karla, Monique, Cassandra, Crazy–why Lovely? I then had to suffer from strangers who after learning what my name, they eventually say, “what a lovely name!?” OR “oh, you do look lovely!” Pfshhh. Yeah, uh huh. Whatever you say, Mister. I already know that.



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