This past couple of days I’ve been doing a lot of research and planning about a trip somewhere in Asia and some other continents. Originally, I just wanted to take a short trip to the mainland (San Diego, to be specific) to visit families. But after looking at a world map (of course, on google), I recently realized that Hawaii is the most remote islands on the map…basically….I can go anywhere and it won’t make much of a difference whether I go to another US state or I go to another country. As long as I’m able to last in a long distance flight (and has a LOT of money), I should be able to go anywhere without worrying too much about the difference in distances and stuff. Suddenly though, after realizing how far I’m at from the rest of world, the feeling of isolation began to overwhelm me. Good thing I work on weekends. Now, I could see the world in eight hours or so….with that I mean, through the internet. Man, how I love my job!….cchyeah. right.

I seriously need to get out of this misery. Anybody? Help? Oh god, who am I kidding. I NEED TO find a way to get out of here. Pronto!