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and by that I mean, EVERYONE. Yes, including myself. I admit it (only on certain occasion). Oh, just FYI, this is not a full-on rant about religious belief or whatnot. (I could be lying). But this one would probably be more towards those who act like they have strong beliefs in Jesus, the bible, and God. But in reality, all that they are– are those who actually have never gone to church in the past year or so and only do things according to what they’re told by their church-goer-god-fearing parents/elders. Then they go on with their sinful lifestyle after “repenting” through lent and easter..and yes, this is mainly about the recent “holy” event that’s going on right now (literally, in my neighbor’s church).

A “Holy Season”: Lent

As we all know, majority of the people who reside on this planet Earth are “Christians” (others are self-proclaimed as I’ve heard). And this past month or so, a lot of them “Christians” went through, what they call, “lent”. Based from the people who I know who undergo such thing, it’s when they don’t eat meat on Fridays for 40 days. Also, according to what I’ve read in some articles, meat should not be consumed on “Ash Wednesday”… I’m assuming they’re not supposed to eat meat every Friday AND that one Wednesday throughout the 40 days of lent.

So, why is lent being done? I understand this belief was learned from some biblical teachings…but did all those people really learn this so-called “teachings” from the bible? Is the bible really that accurate and commanded people to not eat meat during lent? I don’t think so. I mean, I bet out of 10 people who participate in lent, only 2 or 3 of them are really well-aware of the actual “teachings” and the (almost) true meaning of it (although this topic is still being questioned to this day).

I, myself, do not condone to such belief/teaching. Yes, I’m a Christian and not just some self-proclaimed, wanna-be Christian. However, there’s no need for me to say details about my Christianity beliefs, just know that I’m neither a Jehovah nor a Mormon (to avoid some creeps who kept bugging me to join their “fellowship”). In my opinion, a lot of these “Christians” who follow teachings concerning lent are just fooling themselves. I mean, sure the churches want us to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. But, is it specifically stated in the bible the date and the things that people are supposed to do in order to commemorate this event? So what if people could not afford to buy other type of food aside from meat and then decided to eat that on Fridays during lent season? Are they going to die and sent to hell as a punishment for being poor? I know some vegetables are cheaper than meat, but I’m just saying, what if? Have they (the religious scholars) found out someone who went to hell from eating meat on lenten season? I’d like to know so I can gather up some veggies for next year’s lent.

Easter Sunday: Colored Eggs, Bunnies, and Marshmallow Ducklings

What’s with this colorful eggs and bunnies on Sunday after lent? Even those baby ducks coated with sugar? Who Courtesy of stock.xchngthe hell came up with this idea to associate rabbit, eggs, and ducks on (supposedly) a “holy season”? Did the apostles bring eggs and rabbits with them when Jesus came back to life? I don’t even think the colorful eggs stuff existed then. There’s all these parents out there today, dress their kids in pastel colored attire, and then bring them to some egg hunt event. What’s with that? How is it connected to Jesus’s resurrection? I understand it’s a tradition by many. But what about those churches and religious group that have big gatherings that include eggs, bunnies, and ducklings as part of the festivities? How do they relate a “holy season” with bunnies and eggs? (…last time I checked, bunnies do not come from eggs. And I don’t see anything “holy” about them.) So what’s really behind this Sunday fest with kids grabbing eggs and putting them in baskets? Is it just me who don’t get this crap?

…and supposedly, this entry is not a full-on rant about some religious beliefs. Oh well.

I still have much love and Aloha for everyone.