The moment I’ve been dreading for years has finally come…when my brain bubbles have decided to unleash its every little fancies and wonders to this amazing world we call, the ‘Internet’. Well, honestly I’m not too sure what it (my random babbling) is about to create. But last night while I venture off to sleep, I came up with an idea of simply promoting anything and everything that I (could) find interesting…from waking up everyday in a little apartment to wandering around Waikiki strip when given the chance. I know, sounds lame and it would probably be boring. But hey, this is not made for entertainment. I mean, I could careless if anyone actually read my blog. (Okay fine. I lied). And who knows, maybe one day I can be like (yeah, right…)

Seriously, how does anyone just randomly decide to start typing his/her thoughts on the computer? I even tried to google “how to start a blog” and none of the ones I found were very helpful to me. Majority of the answers were basically telling me to sign up for a blog site, then Bam! then prompt you to start typing some…words. I mean, okay, as I mentioned in my “introductory lines” above, I would finally write about every little fancies and wonders I have in mind. But my problem right now is how do I begin splattering out my tiny bubbles? Physically, I would use a hammer and start banging the wall of my neighbor just to show people what I’ve been wanting to do for the past year living in this tiny apartment. Sadly, that is not a valid (or say, legal) option.

I guess when I googled, I was searching for something specific, like, I don’t know, maybe an actual topic to write about. (Because this young lady cannot write s**t. Not once she got an “A” in English because her writing was no “smart” or “well-written”. -probably what my dad would say). Uh, hello Fa’dear, I was born and raised speaking Tagalog…until you decided to petition your family to come to “America” in’99So, don’t expect me to have a “perfect” writing in English . I’m still learning, ya’ know!

(Okay, enough bashing on me….gosh)

So moving on. Any idea of what or how a person should begin with in a blog? Perhaps, introduce his/herself to people who maybe reading the site…or to a stalker? Tell the world wide web what a loser he/she is…that the only friend he/she has is a laptop? OR Whine about why he/she is such a failure…that nothing good has ever happened to his/her whole lifetime as of today? Hmmm, now that I thought about it. I think I got a pretty good idea what I’ll write about.

Firstly, no, I’m not going to fully introduce myself in one post. But, I did just write more than 400 words in total since I started this (like 30 minutes ago).

Secondly, I am NOT a loner (I think). And I’m not even that close to my laptop. That means, I have at least one or two friends. So, yes, I won’t be talking about myself and how “lonely” I am. Just FYI, I’m a pretty-happy-go-lucky kinda’ person. What I don’t understand is why did I even think that I could not write anything from the get-go. That’s obviously wrong.

Lastly, thank you Internet. I know you’ve been out for a while…like, way before Selena Gomez was born. But seriously, in my 20-something years of living, I just recently discovered this amazing way of expressing my thoughts “electronically” rather than manually writing them down on a paper. My fingers are well-worn from that (not that typing can also cause mild-arthritis). About time to explore other wonders. So, thank you, Internet. Thank you! (=

Much love and Aloha,

There are a few good things that already happened in my lifetime. So, no, I’m not gonna whine about my failures.